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We offer truck diagnostics in Greene & Lewiston, ME & Throughout Central Maine

Modern vehicles utilize complicated technology. When something goes wrong, it's not always a mechanical failure. Fleet Truck & Refrigeration Service offers truck diagnostics in Greene, Maine.

We're constantly striving to keep up with truck repair technology and do our best to find out what's wrong with your truck or refrigeration unit. Your vehicle will undergo diagnostics using electronic information systems, we use the most up to date diagnostic equipment to keep up with industry standards.

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3 reasons to schedule transmission flushing

3 reasons to schedule transmission flushing

If your vehicle is having difficulty shifting, consider transmission flushing. Fleet Truck & Refrigeration Service performs transmission fluid exchange services on any size vehicle, from cars to heavy-duty trucks with automatic transmissions. Here are a few benefits of a complete fluid exchange:

  1. Smoother shifting performance
  2. Cooler operating temperatures
  3. Longer service life for your vehicle

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